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United Kingdom has a very strong historical, commercial and bilateral relationship with Bangladesh. United Kingdom has a very strong historical, commercial and bilateral relationship with Bangladesh.What is happening in present Bangladesh cannot be ignored. It has profound impact not only on people of Bangladeshi origin living in the UK but also on the ordinary man and women of this country. Bangladesh is the 8th largest country in the world in terms of its population. UK with EU is the largest trading partner of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the only Muslim majority secular democratic country in the world.

Secularism was one of the basic founding principles of the Republic of Bangladesh according to the superb first constitution of the country but by adopting the 5th and 8th amendments to the constitution the status of minorities has been downgraded. Economically they are crippled by visible and invisible discriminatory practices of preventing their recruitment in police force, army, judiciary and civil services.

The secularism in Bangladesh is under serious threat. This process of anti-secularism started through the change of political landscape in 1975 when military took of the power. Since then with only few exceptions the secularism has been pushed aside and Islamic fundamentalism has been either actively promoted or its progress has been blatantly ignored to oppressed the minorities.

Islamic fundamentalists are now openly and very spiritedly demanding the introduction of hardcore Sharia Law in Bangladesh curbing the fundamental rights of the religious minorities in Bangladesh.

The fundamental human rights of the 11% of the religious minorities in Bangladesh are under constant attacks. They dot have proper political and administrative representation in any level of Government. Their numbers has declined from 23% in 1974 to 11% in 2011.

The communal violence on minorities in Bangladesh is not new and since 28th February 2013 wave after wave of heinous bloody violence unleashed on minorities. In the post 5th January 2014 election alone thousands of houses, properties and temple belong to Hindu community were burned down. People from minority community were systematically targeted and women have been violently raped.

To serve for the defense of fundamental human rights of the religious minorities including atheists in Bangladesh several organizations and few individuals originated from Bangladesh or have link with Bangladesh have decided to form a united platform to be based in the UK. The primary purpose will be to coordinate the activities of the all those organizations and individuals who feel to get actively involved in the protection of human rights of religious minorities in Bangladesh.

The name of the united platform will be will be SECULAR BANGLADESH MOVEMENT UK .

SECULAR BANGLADESH MOVEMENT UK will always be guided, governed and administered in accordance with this constitution to be adopted by the members and the executive body.