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Our Demands

The present activities of the SECULAR BANGLADESH MOVEMENT UK will focus on some specific demands. If those demands are met SECULAR BANGLADESH MOVEMENT UK believes that there will be significant tangible benefit for protection of the religious minorities and atheists living in Bangladesh. Time to time the Executive Body will decide on specific demands in consultation with members.

Full restoration of 1972 constitution to give profound respect to the concept and meaning of secularism in its true sense.

Judicial Commission to be set up to investigate all the atrocities committed
on religious minorities and atheists since 1975. The perpetrators are to be identified and put on speedy trial through a special tribunal.

Action on 2001 Shabuddin Commission report. Though the report was never published but it is mentioned that the commission complied a report on 5,571 allegations of rape arson and looting 355 killings. SECULAR BANGLADESH MOVEMENT UK demands that report to be published and immediate actions to be taken on the basis of the recommendations.

All victims of the communal atrocities to be properly compensated and rehabilitated to restore their confidence.

Special law to be enacted in the Parliament of Bangladesh as Minority Protection Act immediately to make any atrocities on religious minorities and atheists a distinctive offence with entitlement of severe punishment.

SECULAR BANGLADESH MOVEMENT UK would also urge the Bangladesh Government to set up a Minority Commission to be enacted to under the Minority Protection Act in line with the Race Relations Act in the UK. The primary responsibility of the Minority Commission will be to protect and monitor the interest of the religious minorities and atheists in Bangladesh.

It is also necessary to establish a separate ministry within the Government for the welfare and development of the religious minorities and atheists in Bangladesh.

Vested Properties Act/Enemy Property Act to be declared illegal and all the properties to be retuned to the original lawful owners. All the Devuttor properties belong to temples, crematoriums and other organizations must be protected from land grabbers by a special law.